Georgia on Her Mind

Da Vinci's Donuts


Carol Otten grew up in a small north Florida town beside the broad expanse of the John's River. An environment filled with moss-draped oaks lush hammocks, and an abundance of wild life was the perfect backdrop for poetry and painting; Carol dabbled in both. Throughout the seventies, she studied oil painting under teacher Ella Ludwig, learning the color-theory of Helen Van Wyk.

After publishing 9 books in women's fiction in the late 90's she laid her pen to rest and was drawn again to the visual arts. Carol returned to painting, honing rusty skills she had not used in more than twenty years.

Carol enjoys all manner of subjects, from stills to florals to landscapes, painting in her home studio from her own photographs, and more recently, painting in plain air. The paintings featured at Da Vinci's Donuts are representative of our beautiful state of Georgia. It's such a diverse state; with its coastlines and marshes;it's mountains that put on such a beautiful show of fall color; and the many rivers that flow south feeding creeks and streams. "I can't forget the southern part of the state with its fields of cotton and peanuts and other crops that favor the hot, flat land with its fertile soil and humid climate," shares Carol.

Carol muses, "I love the many deserted houses and falling-down-barns that dot our roadsides. I've never met a dilapidated structure I didn't like. Can you imagine the stories they could tell?"

Several of these works are from our town of Alpharetta that we are so lucky to live in. Stop in and take a look at Carol's work this month. We bet you'll recognize at least one of them!