The Donut Chef: Book Review

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The Donut Chef by Bob Staake-A Book Review from Da Vinci’s Donuts

The Donut Chef Cover Art   While looking for new items to embellish the menagerie of flavors that we have at our disposal, I fell into a hyperlink-hole. Click one link and it takes you to the donut wiki. The next link drives you to the site of a flour wholesaler, then on to flowers, to orchids, to aliens, to cat pictures. Everything on the internet leads to cat pictures.  During this meandering exploration of the internet, I found a cute little gem that is great for anyone who has kids, likes donuts or both. The Donut Chef, by Bob Staake, is a fun and colorful fable about what happens when passion for creativity and love of smiling faces, is overtaken by spite and competition. The donut chef is a great story for children, 0 to really, really old because youth lives in the heart.

Bob Staake creates the donut chef, a man who is content to open his little donut shop on a little downtown street. He builds his shop from scratch. He builds his gourmet donuts the same way. By the next page he has found success and the lines are forming out the door. Everything is working out until another shop opens next door.

A price war and ensues and soon both little donut shops are consumed with one upping their neighbor. Variety is the spice of life and at Da Vinci’s Donuts, we offer the pallet a smattering of colors, flavors and textures but honestly, there’s a limit. The creations that fly out of their doors making our, “Weirdest Donuts”blog post from last week, look tame and tasty.

We won’t tell you the hole story (get it?) or how it ends but we will say this; at Da Vinci’s we will never abandon the classics. After all, there are times when all you want is (NO SPOILERS)

The rhythm of The Donut Chef moves at familiar pace. It calls back to books that make rhyme fun without being cheesy. Every page carries a little smile in simple, shape based, illustrations that make for an easy read. Rereading, reveals something new with every pass. Those simple shapes hide a lot in the background, for adults and children to discover while they experience this delightful piece of donut literature.

Check it out on Amazon or look for it at your local library.