The Six Weirdest Donuts from Around the World

Da Vinci's Donuts
The donut and its' many variations have been circulating the world for centuries. It seems that if something exists in a vaguely, food like, form, people will put it in or on a donut. I won’t lie to you, most of these donuts don’t come from the US but that kind of diversity in flavors and ideas is what makes this big, blue marble interesting. Some of these may revolt, others may intrigue but they all top the chart of Da Vinci’s weirdest.

History of the Modern Donut: Donut heroes part I

Da Vinci's Donuts
The history of the donut has more uncertainty than the half eaten cannoli on your break room counter that came from who knows what production line. It is believed that Dutch settlers, coming to America, created the grandaddy of what we know as the modern donut. Dutch dessert makers dropped round cakes into pig fat and let them fry until brown.